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This is the discussion topics of the previous classes held between July 18, 2000 through November 27, 2002.. same as before.. click on the dates to take you to the appropriate pages.. Thank you.

July 18, 2000
The use of the term mistress for the First Girl
Slave Pride
Difference between white and red silk slaves
Order of Greeting

July 25, 2000
A wide range of topics about serves
More on Slave Pride

August 1, 2000
The words: slavebelly, slaveheat, and slaveheart

Sub Topic: Morning Discussion
Difference between Gorean Master & slave and BDSM Master & sub
Sweetening of Food

August 8, 2000
The calling of fellow slaves.. sister
Some things according to the books

August 15, 2000
PM's during a serve and advice about Jamie_M
About being an uncollared slave in GS
Protocol about being a tavern slave
More on silk colours.. stressed color: white silks
The choosing of our names
GS Library

August 22, 2000
what to do when one, either a Free or another slave is causing trouble
what kind of questions are appropriate to ask a Master/Mistress
how we learn

August 29, 2000
Miscellaneous Information
About traveling to other sites
Hermorphrodites and same sex on Gor
Bazi tea ceremony

September 5, 2000
Items we never touch with our hands, unless permission is granted to do so
about feelings
being whipped/punishment
the serves for the GS slave pages
sub topic: A list of whom is doing what serve and dance for the GS homepages

September 12, 2000
Update on the GS Library
Slavery: VT vs RT
About the list of what we're doing for the GS homepage/conclusion of meeting

September 19, 2000
a little about food and drinks
ko'lar or collar
a small, impromptu test
feeling naughty?
a little more about jealousy

September 26, 2000
beverages: sul-paga vs sa-tarna paga
The customer is always RIGHT, or Masters/Mistresses are NEVER wrong
the chain of command

October 3, 2000
blackwine: first/second slave and vessels
prices of serves.. coin usage
Obeying the Free

October 10, 2000
The ingredients in kalda
ta-wine/turian wine
using a non-gorean name in other chats
our monthly dosage of slave wine
homework assignment
about pet's gift from her Master and the conclusion

October 17, 2000
Homework assignment from 10-10-00 (breads)
bondage knots/larma fruit
New homework assignment for 10-24-00

October 24, 2000
Homework assignment from 10-17-00 (veggies)
What is on the outside and inside of Gorean Shores

November 7, 2000
About the length of our serves
Talking during serves
Does a serve give us our slavebelly?
Updates about the library, a new message board and closing messages

Novemeber 14, 2000
About a chores board
The observation {o} collar and about the Y being placed by the {GS} collar
same sex on Gor

November 22,2000
Some general things about the Tavern
About helping new Frees and what to do if the One you're serving don't respond
lapping a Master while another serves Him
Dealing with PM's
Homework assignment-still working on fruits

some of the girls got together on November 25, and had sort of an impromptu discussion meeting while in the tavern. The following is the link to those notes.
Novemeber 25, 2000

using a knife??
chores that can be done if not serving
making blackbread
kissing the rim/sweetening the rim
about past discussions
a lil more about multitasking
no mugs in GS/the use of horns
mistress galah's new email addy/meeting adjourned

November 29, 2000
A special portion on slave training
using separate postings to Greet the Free VS slave talk
A reminder about the order of Greetings
The homework assignment: Fruits
Candy/Mint Sticks
the use of chocolate as a reward and other things we eat

December 6, 2000
What makes One a true Gorean Master
subtopic: serving One that isn't Gorean
reading up on past slave discussions
jealousy with a twist
a lil info for chani
the use of Jarl in Gorean Shores

December 13, 2000
Visiting kill/capture zones
about branding
the books/library link
Free Women piercings
asking before touching a Master
body parts.. Masters.. slaves
a recap on serving length
an online Gorean Dictionary
homework assignment

some slave training
a little impromptu slave training after regular class

January 10, 2001
Homework assignment from Dec. 13, 2000.. slaveheat, book support about it not being used unless willing to use it
Should a slave judge another slave?
Sub-topic: criticizing/judging because of a bad/poor serve
Sub-top2: a pride issue within this same area
what a slave owns

January 17, 2001
food and drink that slaves are allowed to have
a recap on the order of greeting
The 10 ehn rule and reentering from an alcove
about serving One that you don't know that just wants a sexual serve
vessels and white kalana?
how to show an appreciation to another slave
staying out of business that concerns the Free
slave liteny

January 24, 2001
A dish of the week?
Difference between a slave Master and slave Trader
the GS slaves addy
offering to serve
using a cheat sheet for different words?
about one that was slave in a bdsm environment and now Free in a Gorean environment
about being collared to the GS chain

January 31, 2001
Having a Guest Speaker?
Why we're slave and not Free?
has our slavery affected our RT lives
a Master's preference of whom He uses and if there's a jealousy among us for that reason?
putting a RT twist on the same
end of discussion and homework assignment

February 5, 2001
New Order of Greeting/ the Ranking in GS
Detailed descriptions.. tasting.. sweetening
being a bit more realistic
the seasons of Port Kar

February 7, 2001
Reminder of the order of greetings/ranking in GS
about our cooking for the Tavern and where things are
the GS slave addy
times, measurements
some things about training
end of class.. slave liteny

February 12, 2001
The use of first person speach
about HNG's
long awaited servery description
a reminder of whom cooks next week

February 14, 2001
Materials used
The Street of the Writhing Slave/Street of Brands
Mapping out Port Kar
Homework assignment

February 19, 2001
What sort of changes would we like to see in GS

February 21, 2001
Do slaves have honor
The differences between honor/and pride
Procession of the Sea Festival
slave liteny from sasha{GS}t

February 28, 2001
change of time for slave discussions
posting the notes on the GS message board
Pleasing all Free
Subtopic: 1
Being used publicly, especially in front of Free Women
Subtopic: 2
Free Women's jealousy over slaves
Dancing as a white silk
Pride issue

March 7, 2001
The planning of the festival
coming into the tavern, without begging permission
Begging to serve

March 14, 2001
ja'dain's tarn ride
New slaves and the use of dual handles
jealousy/not hurting your sisters
begging entrance to read the boards
a class for the Free?

March 21, 2001
some items that may be discontinued
third person speech
kneeling in front of a Free Woman
silk colors
confessing our own *sins*, the use of icq and the use of PM's

March 28, 2001
change of day for slave classes
Festival Competitions Planned
addy of the slaves' message board-this is no longer in use
FW's showing compassion for slaves
Brandings & whippings, online vs books

April 4, 2001
Never PM Master Xern without permission
reminder of the change of day for slave classes

April 12, 2001
changing the day of slave classes back
testing/silk colors
some things within our home/protocol

April 18, 2001
differences between lapping, furring, and alcoving
a message board, and a newsletter
being trained as a GS slave

April 25, 2001
some things for the slave manual
rence beer
self esteem
About the Tavern Tattler

May 2, 2001
About limiting our posting size
The Tavern Tattler
the new slave pages
slave squabbles
what to do if one from another home won't read protocol
taking a Tavern collar and Whom to refer new FP to?
my rt break

May 9, 2001
The Special Edition of the Tavern Tattler
A dance class?
A change of council and the GS trainers
GS manual/protocol and keeping to the books

May 16, 2001
Gorean Dances
Hand signals and their meanings
The Free Person's Manual and some other helpful tidbits

May 23, 2001
Make-up, nail polish, perfume and hair dye
jewelry, buttons
The new menu list/homework
newest GS trainer
The Princess Principal

May 30, 2001
Food Items
Slaves of GS get their ears pierced..

June 6, 2001
Many Free.. a single slave.. Serving
Breaking restrictions
Spelling and Grammar
Two questions posed by Master Ran on the GS Board
1. Online Gor.. what would we change
2. Punishments
VT friendships, can they exist either Free to slave, or slave to slave

June 13, 2001
stealing another's dance, serve?/pride

June 20, 2001
male slaves, online vs the books
subtopic: male slaves interactions with Free Women
Multiple serving when the sexes are mixed
a topic for next week

June 27, 2001
Masters/Mistresses/slaves.. can the Free and slave be friends?
respect for Gorean online Masters
Tattler Deadline
welcoming Master Dark Dragon's slaves.. and some helpful hints for new slaves

July 4, 2001
Warmed Ka-la-na, Kal-da, Sul Paga
Looking in a Master's eyes
The depth of a girl's slavery
To sweeten or not to sweeten
Recap on the greeting order
Free Woman and slaves
speaking of one's Owner, openly while the Free are present

July 11, 2001
Silk colors/restrictions... The post on the board
Sub Topic:
bringing a sense of fun back into GS
Slave positions and the drawings that ja`dain has done
A Gorean Shores Forum
Welcoming those that are new
Articles needed for the Tavern Tattler
Refresher about where items are in the servery and chillery
Sharing RT information???

July 18, 2001
Dance.. competitions.. classes
Ghosting or Lurking
A release.. from slave to Free Woman status
The enticement of slaves
The veils of the Free Woman
Panther Girls
Serving in nadu if restricted???
Homework assignments

July 25, 2001
Homework assignment from last week
A multi-faceted serve: having another, or you helping another during a serve
The disappointments that a personal collar can bring when you don't know the Master

August 1, 2001
Spicing up our serves
An Intelligence/Unintelligence in a slave
Mistress Kayla's dispensing of slave wine to us

August 8, 2001
When one's personally owned/how to beg entrance and where to kneel
The order of Greetings when one's personally owned
Slave class, mandatory???
Appreciation Day/General Festivals
Information on The Tavern Tattler
Gorean Months/Homework on this
Differences between sites/ serving/ and the books

August 15
The homework assignment: Months on Gor
Why are slaves on Gor?
The wide array of animals on Gor
Diseases/Illnesses on Gor
The Ratio of FW to slaves... according to the books
Slaves being freed.. the purposes
Abusing One's power/authority online.. A Warning message
Last minute items and something to talk about next week

August 22, 2001
The ratio aspect recovered about FW and slaves
Slavery.. a quote posted.. thoughts
Punishments.. whipping

August 29, 2001
Master Shadowglade's post on the GS Board
Objecting to a Frees wishes/wants, either VT or RT
*REAL* Gor
Free.. restraints placed?
Degradation of Free Women and *hatred* of male slaves
The real aspect of Castes chosen
Sexually serving in the Tavern

September 5, 2001
talender's post on the board
the position of first girl/galah's work/various

September 12, 2001
The c&p of the notes
Checking the plates/vessels for flaws
doing chores and a bit of common courtesy
The term mistress, used for the first girl?
Next week.. Slave Master will visit
Complaints about the slave discussions?
The slave manual.. some items needed

September 19, 2001
Being used publicly
Subtopic One
Carrying on conversations while being used
Subtopic Two
Pulling a RTI to get out of being used
Subtopic Three
The comments from Free Women
Subtopic Four
Turning to the other aspects of the online Gorean Experience
Being ignored by the One that owns you

September 26, 2001
The homework: Vegetables on Gor
our slavery vs fear
Blackwine service
The use of Y/you, U/us, T/them, etc
Self-stimulation and a homework assignment

October 3, 2001
The relationships between FW and slaves
A difference between kajira and slave?
The order of greetings
The girls receive their doses of slave wine

October 10, 2001
A teasing or rudeness.. where does it cross the line
Keeping the fires burning

October 17, 2001
Testing the rim for flaws/tasting a beverage
Changing silk status/Whom can do so and what needs to be learned
Slave Auctions and Prices of slaves
Postings on the board

October 24, 2001
Double Standards
Entering with no Free present
foods and serving
Reminder of not using first person speech in GS or on the message board
FW's jealousies?

November 7, 2001
A question for the GS slaves
Rence beer-the gourd flagons
Black wine first slave

November 14, 2001
Moons of Gor
The dispensing of slavewine
A new trainer

December 5, 2001
Discussions.. last one
Offering of a quote
The slave manual

January 9, 2002
Bringing life back to the Tavern
Confusion between subs and slaves.. Doms and Gorean Masters
the posts on the board---Gamers
subtopic.. roleplay.. but still slaves
The Piazza
Slave Wine

January 16, 2002
A reminder of third person speech
Silks, a color difference and how we can tell, whom wears what
Chore Board
The use of mistress for the First Girl
Tavern Tattler email addy
A sirik.. description

January 23, 2002
Dance Classes
Furring, ways to express our need
The new slave board, cooking and chores lists

January 30, 2002
Some Announcements
How to deal with guilty feelings when one's involved rt with someone
Gorean Masters.. loving and kind?

February 6, 2002
Musical Instruments of Gor

February 13, 2002
The frequency of our taking slave wine
Breeding Slaves
A Master's love for His slave
A few reminders/end of class

February 20, 2002
Menstruation on Gor?
A family unity?
A two slave serve
silk level attainment
Tavern Tattler-Recipe Section
New Free in the Tavern
Deer meat?
A bit of slave training-positions

February 27, 2002
Festival Planning

March 6, 2002
Update on Festival Planning, including serving
Welcoming pheonix{HoS}
Reminder of Dance Class and the message boards

March 13, 2002
More on the Festival
What slave's own
Some questions posed

March 20, 2002
A chain, bell, and box, Bina, Chalwar, Curla, Teslik, & Tospit
Email Directory

April 10, 2002
The Tavern Tattler
The Monday Book Forum Discussions
GS slave board
Modality of the She-quadraped/She-sleen position
Bound by the Master's Will/Gagged by the Master's will/Blanket
Silent Commands
Slave Liteny/End of Class

April 17, 2002
Types of Services
Musical Instruments

April 24, 2002
Tavern Tattler Information
Parts of a serve/kissing the vessel
Spicing up the serves/keeping them fresh
The big debate.. sweetening the rim?
Serving more than one at a time.. Whom first

May 1, 2002
New Captains and an Advisor named
Some animals on Gor

May 8, 2002
Slave Training
Dealing with harassment/helpful hints for those new
Slave Wine

May 15, 2002
Putting the girls through slave paces/Led by Master Marius
testing.. dancing.. a few points touched upon
some things for the homepage

May 22, 2002

May 29, 2002
A quote.. the effects in our slavery
Chores/Cooking/Special Menu
Positions and Gorean Knowledge

June 5, 2002
Personally owned slaves.. training
Special Restrictions/trained to be pleasing
Does a slave have a soul?

June 12, 2002
Confusion in whom is to serve when getting told 2 different things
Entrance granted/serving commanded simultaneously
Sexually pleasuring ourselves publicly commanded

June 19, 2002
The slave litany
slave burnout.. what can we do?
Recruiting Masters..

June 26, 2002
Abandonment Issues
Not being *noticed* by one's Owner
The fear factor
A Gorean Variety
The Contest

July 10, 2002
slave pride
punishment--how far we go
What's in a name?
Name change? how it makes one feel
The serving contest

July 24, 2002
Begging to enter
Creativity.. only for slaves?
Theme Song and Tavern Tattler

July 31, 2002
Jason Marshall and Fighting Slaves
Male Slaves
Silk Colors
The debate on begging to enter
Priest Kings and Two Circles
The Books

August 7, 2002
Living the lifestyles
Menstrual Cycles

August 14, 2002
Who's collar to take?
Demanding a slave to the Tavern
Lifestylers VS Roleplayers
To enter or not.. timewise
The GS Library
Articles for the Tattler

September 25, 2002
Fluidity in serves
Some training
A place to put a slave's restrictions
What is?

October 9, 2002
Dancing and Cooking
Spices , Gorean Terms
Online Gorean Information
Questions.. Answers.. Questions.. ~g~

October 16, 2002
A new quote on slave dance
The involvement of a Master in His property's training
The skills of a slave
The refresher slave course 101

October 23, 2002
An introduction of sorts
Greetings--order of
our times online

October 30, 2002
The Couching Law
Serving Vessels & General Learning

November 20, 2002
GS Anniversary Celebration?
Tavern Tattler

November 27, 2002
Our slavery.. deep within