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Those in attendance
jasma{LB}GSFG, shirin{SholGar}, desiree{Algernon}, heavenscent{S}, & vika{M}

Getting back on track

shirin{SholGar}~~~ mistress is busy and will be a few....
did you have anything on your mind tonight sis?

desiree{Algernon}~~~ one thing that i am concerned about...is what can we do ....the slaves to help GS get back on track?

shirin{SholGar}~~~ yes ~deep breath~ it's hard to see our home hurting...all we can do as slaves is stay strong and continue to serve, be visible in the tavern...
shirin was telling a Free..."slaves don't have the freedom of choice to come and go if things get rough or unpleasant, we stay and do as we have been taught - be pleasing always"

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ one thing we can do.. which may be hard.. is to try not get involved in the problems of the Free.. we can only go in.. serve.. remain pleasing.. but not interfere in things that concern the FP of the Tavern..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ right, mistress, the Free's issues are not our concern

desiree{Algernon}~~~ ahhh....but mistress....what if slaves are staying away because of it?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ it can be very difficult to try not to take part in what's going on.. especially when it's brought to a slave's attention by a Free.. *shaking head*..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ all we can do in encourage our sisters to come in and be close with one another, this is when the sisterhood needs to be strong

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ well if the slaves are staying away because of it.. and i'm sure that there are many that are.. they need to just try to come in and take some involvement in the growing of GS.. and then if it gets too hard to handle.. they beg to leave.. it's no good to keep anyone in the Tavern when they're heart isn't in it, especially because of things going on that we have no control over..

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *sigh* the last two days.....i have enjoyed being in there almost as i enjoy it when Master is here *smiling*
almost...but not quite *weg*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ well then that is good sis, all we can do is try...things will improve, just a bump in the road of gorean life

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ any other ways we can try and help GS?

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~melting to kneel ~* listening....

Relearning the protocols

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ if nothing else needs to be said about that..
shirin has a topic..
floor is yours sis..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ thanks mistress ~s~
shirin was reading over the protocals for GS and it had been so long since she read them, just kinda struck a chore in her.... the first paragraph...
What is Gor?
If you are new or unfamiliar with the concept of Gor, Gorean Shores Tavern is not recommended as the best place to learn. There are a myriad of other sites which claim to be Gorean which will welcome newcomers with open arms. If you desire nevertheless to visit Gorean Shores, which is located in the city of Port Kar, read these protocols and the other rules before venturing into the tavern. The Free Persons and slaves you encounter here take Gor very seriously, and do not tolerate those who come to play games. You will be expected to be Gorean while in the tavern. Failure to respect the Gorean ways and traditions will be considered a breach of these protocols.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening as shirin speaks of the protocols for GS*

desiree{Algernon}~~~ hmmmmm

shirin{SholGar}~~~ this brought back the fear shirin first faced when she found GS...we need to be reminded
tho shirin is not real happy about the part about turning people to other channels, but this should impress on us how GS is to be...real...hard...not fair

shirin{SholGar}~~~ Permission to PM
Permission to PM another individual should be sought in the open before initiating any private conversations. First, this allows all in the tavern to know that certain individuals are busy in private discussions. Secondly, some slaves are not permitted to PM, even to tell another than they cannot respond. Slaves should never PM a Free Person without seeking permission first. The only exception to these rules are the Captains of Gorean Shores and the first girl GSFG of the tavern. Typically, they will PM others to ensure compliance with the protocols and rules.
do we *always* follow this? or only if we think we might get in trouble?

desiree{Algernon}~~~ being fairly new to GS....almost a year now....she has never truly been exposed to the "harshness" of GS.....it has been a bit "calm" in her opinion

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Walks in and kneels, reading to catch up....greetings sisters...*S*~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ yes, almost *too* calm....
have the new Free read this?? shirin wonders

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ the part about GS not being the best place to learn, i've never actually seen it as a problem, because it's where i started and i met many along the way that was more than willing to help.. but i do think that it also may give others the sense that in GS that games shouldn't be tolerated.. in the Tavern, we should try to keep the gorean atmosphere going and not turn it into a playground where we should need a playground monitor to stop squabbles..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ Enforcement of the Protocols
The Captains of Gorean Shores are charged with the enforcement of these protocols over all individuals, slave or Free. Failure to abide by the protocols may result in either temporary or permanent banishment from Gorean Shores. The first girl GSFG of the tavern likewise is charged with the enforcement of protocols and slave rules over all slaves within the tavern. Anyone in violation of the protocols or rules will receive one warning before action is taken. If warned, it would be wise to heed such admonition.
do we take this seriously?

vika{Marius}~~~ ~The old time Master's were more harsh and more like the books.....They were strong in Their convictions of Mastery....yet, when needed could love Theirs....with force or tenderness.
The newer Breed...seem to want to be more compassionate and caring feeling that will keep a slave. However, there need be a balance....and more towards the strength side.......slaves love Master's to rule with absolute power......and yet spend that special time with the one They have taken.~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ yes, that's how shirin sees it too, mistress, she never went anywhere else first, GS is all she knew at first, didn't know there were other places

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ the permission to pm is a huge one for me.. especially when it seems that the girls would rather pm the Captains with stuff instead of me or one of the available trainers or even another slave.. The Captains have much to do as it is and don't need to have slaves constantly monopolizing their time in pms to a problem that a fellow slave could help with.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ oh so true vika, shirin just burns to feel strong harsh dominace but too needs some tenderness, in private

vika{Marius}~~~ ~That is also a very valid point jasma.....mainly because a lot of the slaves want the Captain to pay attention to them, not really caring to learn from the trainers per se'...there are a few that do. But agreed...the trainers should be utilized more, freeing up the Captains to take care of the Tavern and business.~

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~listening~* knowing heaven too craves the harshness,the nervousness,the rawness of thriving to please One...*~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ as far as with the ..

The Captains of Gorean Shores are charged with the enforcement of these protocols over all individuals, slave or Free. Failure to abide by the protocols may result in either temporary or permanent banishment from Gorean Shores. The first girl GSFG of the tavern likewise is charged with the enforcement of protocols and slave rules over all slaves within the tavern. Anyone in violation of the protocols or rules will receive one warning before action is taken. If warned, it would be wise to heed such admonition.
i know i've had girls tell me basically that they don't have to listen.. etc..
a switch don't worry them.. because.. "well it's only VT.. it can't hurt me".. well no.. it can't hurt physically.. but even the thought of being found displeasing to me hurts.. not just vt.. to me anyways..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ yes, we should be asked first...not really sure how it was posed to shirin when she was new but she never PM'd a Captain with a question, she was too scared to

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Of course slaves do...it is needed by slaves.......it pushes vika to keep thriving to please. ~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ then those are the ones not taken seriously and don't last, but it's still hard to deal with ~listening to jaz~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *nodding as i listen to vika*.. precisely sis.. and yes.. it's better to learn from a Master's guidance.. BUT.. that is also why there's a first girl and trainers.. to not put everything on the Captains as vika said..

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *smiling to heaven*.. of course sis.. having a Master that knows his mastery over a slave.. is wonderful.. it is what most girls crave..

vika{Marius}~~~ ~It shows then the submission of a slave that cannot adhere to GS protocols. she should listen to the fg. And it is so disrespectful to make a comment like that one. It also shows how much the slave is burning to learn and submit......and they should fear the switch...but perhaps they would fear the banishment of GS. vika does not believe that some of the slaves have read that or even care to.
Maybe it would help if the Master's or Captain's referred them back to fg or trainers....not even being bothered with it.~

shirin{SholGaar}~~~ well, that's all shirin really had on that, just was refreshing to read the protocals again after years of being here
and as mistress and shirin discussed, shirin will make an annoucement on the boards calling all GS slaves to start attending class again, we need the new blood in here

desiree{Algernon}~~~ if it were not for each of you in this room right now....i do not believe that i would have ever gained the knowledge...and the courage to be who i am today...
i watched...i learned....i gained so much wisdom from watching your serves..dances....and just your very presence in GS....
while i wanted to do everything that i could to please my Master...and i still do...even more so today than ever before....it took each of you to help me get to the point where i am today....

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~nods~ yes, good ideas vika

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~smiles seeing a true slave in her sister desiree~
what was that number...one out of ten new slaves sticks?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *putting the writing instrument down listening to vika's words.. * if they're not really wishing to learn and submit.. then why bother with coming and being collared.. i don't think there are many of the slaves that have read the protocols.. it's a shame actually.. there's so much there, that if read.. they'd not have as many questions i don't think.. not with some things.. and i do agree that if they do question things.. it would be an excellent idea that the Captains or Masters of the room refer them to the trainers or me.. i don't feel at times some of the girls realize that there are trainers in GS.. i know many a time that the Free that collars a slave hasn't made the new slaves aware of that..
yes shirin.. very hard to deal with at times when you're putting you're all into it and some feel it's a joke..

The desire to learn

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika knows that kasandra is really trying hard...she studies and pm's vika with questions.....
inez worked on her dance and wanted vika to watch and really wanted jasma and Slave Master to check her dance....
There were even a Mistress or two...brand new...came in and spoke with Master Kyoto. ~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ it's an amazing feeling desiree when i see a new girl that has such desire and passion to learn like you. just like all here.. i remember pushing shirin and heaven very hard.. but.. i knew they'd make wonderful slaves.. and from the first time vika walked in the room.. you could feel that desire inside of her also just by watching...

vika{Marius}~~~ ~In all honesty? some of the slaves want a strong Master or Captain to fuck.....they have NO desire to study much less read....now thank the Priest Kings that they are few and far between...
you can generally tell if they want to learn or not.....*LOL* mara, for instance does not have a desire to learn.~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin probably doesn't mention she's a trainer as much as maybe she should, she doesn't want to sound boastful, like she's any better than any other slave here...it's something she has to work on ~grins remembering galah's works~ shirin is still learning to speak up sometimes ~smiles~ but she's getting better at it

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~listening~* as i kneel silent

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika does not know if she is afraid, or desiring something else...but it is hard to keep her focused.~

desiree{Algernon}~~~ it is not an easy path....and not everyone who walks into GS is serious...they are looking for a different kind of chat....and their heart is not in it...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ inez's dance was raw and wonderfully done for a first dance.. she sent it to me and the Slave Master.. but she had to resend it to Master Sabre, because the email she used for him was the wrong one..
kasandra had sent me an email earlier.. i need to respond.. i'm so glad that she's been pm'ng you vika.. *smiling*.. it's good for her to get acquainted with all the trainers..

vika{Marius}~~~ ~The newer slaves lately are very hungry to learn...it was a pleasure to be in the tavern with them. And they were more than pleasing and accomodating to the Master's there.~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ yes, it's a joy to meet a sister that want to study and learn....don't know mara ~shrugs~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Yes, it was very good for her first dance.....
and it excites vika to no end to see a slave desire to learn.~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin has seen jojo, she's not new and seems to be doing fairly well so far

desiree{Algernon}~~~ i have had the pleasure and honor of meeting inez in r/t..and she is a very "hungry" girl...she longs to excel..and she will be wonderful in GS....she will be an incredible addition to the tavern

shirin{SholGar}~~~ yes, what was the note Master Sabre put up, about asking for a good time to meet, Him and the slaves that call GS home....what's that about and is it going to happen?

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Yes, jojo is doing fairly well......that is true.~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening to each of the points her sisters make.. nodding at each*..
reading and studying to many is a chore, vika and alot of times as has been said to me in the past is that they're not here to have to study or read but to have fun.. and although fun is good.. GS isn't a normal chat room and a certain amount of studying does have to go into it..
with mara it could be an array of things.. hopefully if she does want to learn though.. she'll begin to focus better..
i don't think it's so much being boastful shirin, but i do think the girls need to be aware.. *smiling*
that's true des.. very true..
*looking to heaven*.. anything to add beautiful?

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~winks~ yes you have des, as well as my Master did also, shirin's not had a chance to speak with Him about her, He will surely enjoy pushing her ~giggles~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ does mara wear a ko~lar? she's not on the list, mistress

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~smiling to mistress~* no sweetie,just listening *s*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ and has anyone seen the girl, cami?.. after she was collared to the Tavern by Mistress Kayla she emailed me once and that was it..
jojo and sha'reen, are red silk trained according to the Slave Master..
and i believe that Master Kyoto said that since inez hadn't been accessed by the Slave Master yet, but since she was a kettle slave according to Master Shadowglade, she'd be treated as a yellow silk.. and i am not sure about kasandra right now.. *brain fart*..

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Actually, mara does not wear a {GS} collar but was observing and was the slave that was killed. But it was under a different name, vika thinks.~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika has not seen cami.~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ i've met mara once, shirin and at that time she was an uncollared slave, unsure if that's still the case or not.. *looking to vika*..
ok heaven.. if you have anything to add.. speak up sweetie.. *s*..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ no, shirin's not seen cami at all
oh, and shirin is still trying to get in touch with inara, aparently rt is busy for her right now

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Yes, vika looks at her sis heavenscent...who has so much to offer any slave...*smiles* ~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening to vika*.. cami as well was another slave at one time, and was given a second chance.. however, it seems once more she may not stay around..

heavenscent{S}~~~ hmmm ~* thinking....
the basics,a girl learned forever ago always burn in this wenches belly ~* Masters are always right ~ ,learning so much from beloved sisters and always always growing, changing with each experience,each serve,each dance...thriving to be best ,obedient and beautiful ~*
it all comes down to what is in your heart..~*
training to no end,will do nothing for a girl who doesnt burn ~ shrugging~

shirin{SholGor}~~~ ~listens to heaven~ very true sis ~nods~ the basics we all need to remember

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ excellent point heaven.. it don't do any good unless you have that desire in your heart.. *smiling brightly*..

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~whispering to shirin~* hardly words to die by *blushes* but occasionally heaven gets tangled into more diversity,or complication in her thinking..~* but being slave, serving....really being in ones veins ~ then how can she fail,if she thrives to grow ~ a rawness or something ~...

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika understands that heaven...vika studied and studied.....and then Master Marius collared her......and when she went to serve and dance, she began to burn......and He made her burn so hot.......it was amazing the difference. *fans self*~

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~*watching the girl....burn~* gigglin,winkin at vika

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *nodding*.. it makes alot of difference vika.. it depends greatly on the Master.. and on the slave.. and can be a very rewarding experience.. *g*

desiree{Algernon}~~~ a girl feels this burn...each and every day....she is constantly thinking of ways to "serve" her Master.....she is amazed...simply amazed at this ability He has to make her squirm and ache to constantly serve...
this in a girl's mind is what it is all about...to always...ALWAYS wish to bring honor to Him..and to make Him smile....knowing that her words..her actions....have pleased Him

desiree{Algernon}~~~ okay...this is going to sound soooo conceited....BUT

vika{Marius}~~~ ~*LOL* Watching her sis des....~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *smiling as des speaks*.. you've got that right des.. that's what it's all about..

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Nods in agreement to des...so true....~

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~listening~*.....

desiree{Algernon}~~~ i actually feel sorry for those that don't feel this way...
i feel so sorry for girls who have not a clue as to what they are missing...in my mind...it goes beyond submission...and goes straight to surrender...
this ache that burns so deeply to be so free...so liberated in this type of relationship....to be given the go ahead..the okay to be so sensual...so sexual...
it is the most incredible place to be in one's life...
and for this...i feel sorry for those that don't know how great this feels...
now...how conceited it this....???

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~* warm smile paints across heavens lips*~ listening to her...
not conceited ~* but so very in touch in you....
feeling,finding,learning and knowing how truly free,we are,while claimed by Another - is an unbelievable breath of fresh air ~*
a safe place to fall ~ a strong hand to guide ~* SomeOne Who not only listens,but hears you...a most precious Union, some only dream of...~* arnt you thrilled you found it? *purrring to her*

jasma{LB}GSF~~~ i don't think that sounds conceited des.. i think it's wonderful when a girl has reached that and has a complete surrender to her Master

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika feels that is the natural order of things...and to find that is so amazing....it is a depth that cannot be matched.....
Those are very true and deep feelings sis....so very honest...and true. Thinking of her Master/slave relationship.~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~smiles to des, seeing her true beauty~ it's a wonderful thing...surrender...complete submission...it *does* make one feel whole, right with the world

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Aye, excellent shirin...and also your words beauty des...*winks*~

Keeping a notebook

desiree{Algernon}~~~ some of the best advice that i received when Master first suggested that W/we visit GS....was from vika...
and the fact that she told me that she had notebooks....
that was just the little tidbit that i needed....for i too began my very own notebook...which is now almost full...*lol*..time for volume 2...

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~giggles~ shirin too keeps a notebook

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *smiling* @ shirin...i wonder how many girls do that?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ i, as well, keep a notebook.. make that.. 3.. *s*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika would have been lost without a notebook...*LOL* Master Marius was driving her hard and fast.......~

heavenscent{S}~~~ heaven keeps notebooks ~* *s*

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *sigh*...can not imagine life without a notebook....

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin would think many do des, who can remember *all* this stuff ~laffs lightly~

desiree{Algernon}~~~ inquiring minds want to know shirin..*lol*
actually....that would be an interesting question to ask....

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *winking at vika as she mentions her Master was driving her hard and fast*.. hey sis.. we're talking about studying.. notebooks.. LOL..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ great idea des, and it may provoke some to start keeping one ~nods~

desiree{Algernon}~~~ actually....and this is just one of those crazy blonde ideas here...but what about devoting a class geared toward all the newbies in GS...on how and what to include in a notebook?
this might be a good opportunity for the new ones to come out of their shells

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~laffin hearing jaz tease vika~

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *laughing* @ mistress...and *winks* @ vika

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Laughs out loud.......OH! That is right......taking her mind back to slave pen......Master Marius required her to study vewy hard...*LOL*~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ great idea des!! now how to get them here? hopefully a posting on the boards will help next week when shirin puts one up

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~whimpers,thinking of Master Marius~* mouthing to vika ..."mmmmmmm hard.....mmmmm fast"

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ that would be great des.. if we could get them all together at one time.. *nodding thoughtfully*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Laughing really hard......winking at heavenscent.~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ anyone else have something to bring up tonight?

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Not vika *smiles*~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *smiling to vika*..
well if no one has anything else to bring up..
i hereby call this week's slave discussion..
closed.. *S*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ i wish to thank everyone that showed up this week and for taking part..
i hope to see you all next Wednesday as well..
shirin.. des.. excellent topics tonight..

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika smiles.....Thank you mistress for always being here and willing to teach and guide. *hugs* No more wormies in your slave wine bowl. *nope*~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ sounds good to shirin, mistress, nothing more here tonight, at least not that can be covered in 10 ehn, hehehe

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika takes the bag of stars that galah kept....vika slobbers on em and sticks it to the girls forehead...*weg*~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *laughing at vika*.. i'm gonna just ask for the sip root itself next time.. that way i won't get watered down worms.. but the fleshy ones.. LOL..
and you're welcome sis.. thank you also..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~hugs~ your welcome jaz
let's work on getting the new girls here, help them feel not on the outside, but apart of the best sisterhood on all of gor

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *feeling the slobbery star on forehead.. giggling*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika laughs.....singing as she leaves...the worms are in the worms are out.....jasma don't put dem inside her mouth....*waves*~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Good idea shirin......~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ i agree shirin.. totally.. *s*..

Slave discussions ended at 20:47:51 poolside chat time.