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Those in attendance
galah{RA}, penny{Kyo}, desiree{Algernon}, shirin{MDK}, destiny{GS}, heavenscent{S}
mischief{WH}, & jasma{LB}GSFG

Finding the fire to serve

galah{RA}~~~ its time, should we start? any particular subjects?

galah{RA}~~~ well, hopefully jaz will show up, but lets not waste our precious time and get going, just speak up girls on stuff we wanna talk about

penny{Kyo}~~~ Just tonight, pen was peeking at a whisper to Master from a slave who was mentioning that she was having a hard time finding her fire to serve... would that be an appropriate topic?

galah{RA}~~~ slave fire is as good as any....everyone loses that fire at some point, or thinks they lost it, it usually is just in hiding heheheeee

shirin{MDK}~~~ sometimes it's just a life change, peaks and vallies, it comes and goes for many different reasons...

galah{RA}~~~ this one is having a major slave fire issue going on, this be good subject, how to get it back again

shirin{MDK}~~~ hummm slave fires ~wiggles a finger as her cool belly~ sometimes only time can fix 'em

galah{RA}~~~ but shirin, time can also destroy the slave fire tooo....now galah bets we all know what would bring a slaves fire back to her, its a simple one word answer, who can say it first

mischief{WH}~~~ ~curious look as she hears the conversation~ can anyone remember an example that she can state where she remembers clearly her fires burning and what caused the flames??

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *sigh* slave fires...what makes a girl burn to serve..and serve well? and often? and with everything she has?
in her mind...it is the driving force...to be found pleasing...ALWAYS to be found pleasing..to have the Master recognize a girl's fire...for in her mind...it has a domino effect..
a girl puts her all into a serve...a Master "eats" it up..the fire gets even hotter...
just her humble opinion

penny{Kyo}~~~ *grinning to galah*
penny would say, "Mastery" would be the one word... not just the presence of Masters, but their clear domination over the slaves.

mischief{WH}~~~ desiree, any Master? or only one particular one?

shirin{MDK}~~~ yes, that is true too galah

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *winks* @ mischief....well...this one will admit that one particular Master does have this incredible effect on her fires...

mischief{WH}~~~ desiree...m will be honesst too, there is only a few Masters that make m's want to do her best, the others she dosen't give a rats ass about and their "pleasure" at her service would not effect her belly at all...

galah{RA}~~~ well, galah thinks the answer is Master or Mastery as was stated....but true, its not just any Master, its got to be certain Masters....for as hard as many Men try to be Masters, some fail miserably, and those are useless to slave fire

penny{Kyo}~~~ *listening*
mm, penny may not feel particularly "fired" to serve much of anyone these days, but that has more to do with hormones than anything else, since babies and sex don't mix well... what makes penny jump to her toes to do her best is when a Master is clearly commanding of her respect...

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~nods listening to galah~*~ yes, the Mastery of One in particular ~*~bites her lip hard~*~

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~*listening~*

mischief{WH}~~~ penny...two thumbs up, will agree with that completely, totally and without question and yet, it dosen't happen often these days...or nearly AT ALL *sighing*...is it ok to say the "quality" of Mastery is not what it once was? or perhaps it's just m's expections and needs that are higher *shrugging*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening to the comments*
i believe that it really is only brought forth by those that show Mastery.. it don't do anything for a girl's belly to serve someone that truly isn't a Master.. don't mean she still won't serve to be found pleasing.. but.. it don't do a thing..

destiny{GS}~~~ maybe this one is a lil different being Tavern owned... but she kinda like serving all the Masters that come in... and seeing where the boundaries are...

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *shaking her head in agreement*....some of the more "seasoned" Master have this uncanny ability to make a girl strive to be her most sensual...most alluring self...
but these Masters are few and far between

penny{Kyo}~~~ shirin, that is difficult, too, when a girl burns for One, to the exclusion of much else... it makes it hard to focus on others when her heart is elsewhere...

galah{RA}~~~ yes penny, good point....rt issues do affect what in vt you can be like....

galah{RA}~~~ and it needs be said, that a Master that may make one girls slave fire rage, just may douse the fire of another girl....so whats within that would be so different for all of us?

penny{Kyo}~~~ mm, penny doesn't think it is wrong to have high expectations... look at the books, like the ones with Jason Marshall... Beverly didn't respect him until he put her in her place, as a slave at his feet...
Slaves will push limits and try to get away with sloppiness or half assed behavior unless a strong man reminds them of her place.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *nodding as she listens to both galah and penny*.. i agree as well about health.. and hormonal changes.. it really does effect one.. which at times does make it hard to portray that sensual/sexual part inside..

mischief{WH}~~~ penny...mmm ~nodding~ aye, that is exceptionally true of mischief..and yet, look at the reputation mischief has. What she has gotten for pushing boundries is being called everyname in the book from unslavelike to having her head wanted on a plate....*shrugging*....

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~nods to penny~*~ yes sis

penny{Kyo}~~~ Not that service has to be sexual, either... one can burn with fire and respect without dripping from her crotch... it shows in how one portrays oneself, whether one is full of life or just going through the motions...
And health and r/t can most definitely affect how one comes across...

mischief{WH}~~~ ~snort~ not that mischief has seen, penny

shirin{MDK}~~~ oh my, how true penny, how true!!

galah{RA}~~~ galah since coming back has tried to make herself abit of comic relief instead of the hot to trot slave heheheheheee this one figures theres plenty of those already...but am sure one day someone will come in and stir a girls fire to burn again

destiny{GS}~~~ pushing boundaries is also having slavehood reinforced... as this one is Tavern owned she needs to have that reinforced...

penny{Kyo}~~~ mm, again, there is no law that says slaves have to be conformist, weak, or mouselike... Masters in the stories prized slaves with fire and intelligence, but still kept them in their place.

heavenscent{S}~~~ believing we all posses these qualities at different times...~cyclic slaves~ *l* ....but the focus never waivers of ultimatly trying our best to please...~offering softly~ regardless of slave belly or lack of...

mischief{WH}~~~ penny...m's adores you, and yet you know as much as she does that most haven't even bothered to read the books and seem to forget completely that slaves were strong, intelligent peoples. We are treated like mentally retarted infants...until gor, mischief didn't realize that submission and slavery meant she had mental handicaps

penny{Kyo}~~~ *listening to heaven*
True, ultimately, the reason all are here is out of a desire to please and serve. It can be difficult, though, when the serves become mechanical, even if the inner submission is still there.

destiny{GS}~~~ ~looking to heaven scent~ it's like a kajira has one purpose, to serve and be found pleasing...

galah{RA}~~~ ooooohhh you're so right heaven.....all of us wish to please, even if its not a Masterly Master....and it hurts, really hurts even in rt, if we are found displeasing...galah served one the other day and really tried to do her best, the Master said the serve was pleasing but wasn't 'him' suppose to have a capped H....galah felt like crying in RT, seems silly but it really did hurt

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~looking to penny~ yes,serves mundane to trained girls..heaven remembers being sooo scared to serve and now,sometimes....struggling to make it different *gigglin*
but that is where the fun can be ~* *s* creating something new and firey to see if the Masters are watching *shrugging* ~ heaven did this today,to Master Marius and it was alot of fun ....

destiny{GS}~~~ ~looks to mischief~... destiny thinks you have lots to add to this discussion...

penny{Kyo}~~~ *snicker snorting at mm*
After reading the spelling of some of the Masters, pen has to wonder who the ones with the handicaps are...
*ducking her head and looking over her shoulder for Master, crossing her fingers that he doesn't read the notes or she'll be in a woooorld of trouble, not that he is one of the non spellers*
Slaves are full of creativity, beauty, and above all, intelligence... just look at the effort slaves put into being the best that they can be... it stands to reason that burnout can occur..... but ultimately, all we can do is continue to serve our best, and the "fire" will flare up when we're confronted with a hand of true strength...

galah{RA}~~~ yes penny and that doing serve after serve gets to you after 5+ years of trying to make the same serve look different....the other day was talking about begging entrance and mm said there was 100 ways to beg entrance....that is all fine and good, but thats not even a third of one year if one comes in once a day heheheheheheheeeee

destiny{GS}~~~ destiny kind of thinks that especially where women are concerned, that things go in cycles..

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *shaking head listening to galah*
it may seem silly to some.. but to others it don't seem silly at all sis.. and honestly.. if we were going to be more book like.. it would be *him*.. not Him, unless at a beginning of a sentence..
Some people seem to forget that respect can be just as well shown without capping all the He, She, Her, Him.. and just use proper spelling techniques.

galah{RA}~~~ galah explained that all that A/all stuff and caps had been done away with, and that we only had to cap Master and his name of course....and the Master understood and said that his slave still does all the caps so he didn't know....but it had already spoiled the mood and the serve jaz

penny{Kyo}~~~ *giving galah a hug and nodding at jaz's words*
Being called down on a capitalization error must have hurt... and pen isn't aware of there being any rule in the handbook regarding caps, anyway, though the Free person is always right... that doesn't help hurt feelings, though, when one puts so much into a serve.

shirin{MDK}~~~ yes, shirin feels her moods dip and peak throughout each month and even a cloudy day makes her feel less than happy sometimes

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ oh jaz is sure that it did spoil the mood galah, sort of hard to get back into it after a master has already found some sort of displeasure in the serve to begin with..

destiny{GS}~~~ ~winks at shirin~ knows that feeling!

penny{Kyo}~~~ *grinning*
On those nasty PMS days, it can be a challenge to smile and serve... but think how good it feels when you push through it and have an unexpectedly great time in the tavern?
pen went through a bit of a time when she just couldn't make her feet move themselves into the tavern... so Master just waited it out, knowing pen would get the urge to be back... and sure enough, when her physical health was better, in she trotted... so how we feel in the real world can make it hard, but think what an accomplishment when we do come in anyway, and smile and feel good?

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~nods listening to penny~*~
unexpected good times are wonderful and make it all worth it

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *sigh* this one can remember one evening....she was having horrible problems with her computer....and while she had completed the serve...she was "booted" out of the Pool...
the Master just chewed her out....royally...she felt horrible.....
so..there is much truth here....when a Master says something negative..it can cause one to react differently...
then..there are those Masters...that can say just the right word....that inspires a girl...through His expectations...just a simple word....

penny{Kyo}~~~ As a matter of fact, pen has a rule that she follows when chatting online... if she can't smile at the screen every couple of minutes, it isn't productive time spent, and perhaps she needs to go. But she at least tries out the smile for size, and usually finds that a smile in r/t will help her feel good in her virtual serve.

penny{Kyo}~~~ *nodding as she listens to desiree*
That single word, that helpful tone, can make or break us... we as slaves tend to be exceptionally fragile emotionally, and that is part of what makes us such good slaves... that desire to please...

galah{RA}~~~ well, galah lives with the saying 'laughter is the best medicine' and that would be for herself and for others in the tavern, that is why a girl tries now to be the comic relief, if she can laugh herself and in doing so, make another laugh, then she feels she has served well

destiny{GS}~~~ but how does the belly come back? destiny doesn't know... all she knows is that GS is her home... for that she has lots of belly for... because of what it symbolised for her - her vt family...

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~can't stop grinning rt at pen and her positive attitude~*~

heavenscent{S}~~~ the stern tone craved at times ~ the attention to be corrected, or guided, ...molded....~ smiles softly to des~

shirin{MDK}~~~ well, shirin just loves your humor galah, always has

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *shivers* yes....the ability of a powerful Man to guide...to teach..to mold....
a favorite saying....a Master is much like an artist ...and we are the empty canvas...just awaiting the Master's stroke...to create His masterpiece

penny{Kyo}~~~ *nodding agreement to desiree*
pen agrees... GS is a family, and she feels closer to many here than to her flesh and blood relatives...
As for the slave belly, it is a combination of factors, with a strong master being a central point, but a happy slave can bring out the best in Masters and get a room feeling lively...


galah{RA}~~~ but seems correction can also be a problem....seems we have lost vika due to a correction that she felt was unfair...so hows that gonna make a girls belly burn to serve?

heavenscent{S}~~~ heaven believed and still does ~ using her as an example was completely unfair...~ girls do as vika did ALL the time...~* heaven watched it happen today in the tavern and nothing was done to the girl....~*shaking ones head~*
her belly will always burn for her Owner, but smolders now with mistreatment...

penny{Kyo}~~~ Well, galah, correction, by any free, is a part of being a slave... and while it may not toast a girl's tootsies to get fussed at, Free are Free, and can fuss at us all they wish... it is up to us to hold up our chins again, and get back to business...

desiree{Algernon}~~~ knowing that vika is one of the most devoted slaves in GS...that brings up another question....and perhaps this is not the night...or the time...
but...with vika in mind...what option does one have here?
can there be consistency in the punishment?
the punishment fits the crime per se

penny{Kyo}~~~ heaven, if you see something happen that you know isn't following protocol, like someone greeting before the person has even entered the room, don't hesitate as a slave to whisper in a friendly way to the offender, before a Free can jump on the girl. It may happen that it goes unnoticed, but it may not by the next Master to witness the behavior.

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *sigh* trying to think about how best to say this...
okay...granted that trainers are expected to be a "step above" in their ability to set the example for others....trainers are still human beings...and mistakes will be made...
but shouldn't there be consistency in the punishment?

galah{RA}~~~ gor is not fair and others have been caught off guard heaven...just not posted but then vika had first been given warning before she had been posted....galah greeted a Master before greeting the FW Advisor and got called on the carpet for that by the same one that posted vika, and that same day, mm was denied entrance because she didn't do it exactly the proper way with her head on the floor.

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~*smiling to penny~* exactly as heaven did *s* ~* a girl just wishes the punishment to be consistent as des said...~* but then that would appear ....fair, i guess ~*gentle smile*~

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *softly laughing* remembering one night when this one made the very same mistake....and Mistress Kayla whispered that was just not done....and that is now something that i do not wish to repeat!

destiny{GS}~~~ isn't that the life of the slave though... one Free's punishment might be different to anothers...

penny{Kyo}~~~ desiree, a Master can punish a slave however he feels necessary... the protocol for someone else's property is for them to be bound to the post or caged until their owner comes to deal with them personally.

galah{RA}~~~ galah agrees that vika was made a scapegoat and example for others, for there is not many as subservient as vika is, and it was a small infraction....and most would just let it be, but as slaves, any free have the right to do what they want to each and every one of us

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~listening to galah~* ....- heaven hears you and truly does like and need the strictness of such protocal,for that is why she tries to be here...~ perhaps now is when i should just keep my mouth closed *s* and learn..

penny{Kyo}~~~ heaven, as galah said, Gor is not fair.

desiree{Algernon}~~~ yes...penny and destiny..gor is not fair...but yet...why does it seem that others go unreprimanded for the same thing? *sigh* maybe i am just being really blonde here...
but jeez....we all should be held accountable....all of us....

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ i do agree that the punishment should be consistent.. but then again.. i guess if it's the same Free that is catching it.. it is being consistent by one Free anyway.. whereas another Free may not correct the behavior or think much of it..

penny{Kyo}~~~ *listening*
And truly, what was done to vika was not very severe... she was bound, loosely at that, to await her Master. No penalty brands, no whipping, no withholding of food or drink...

galah{RA}~~~and isn't that all that was done to vika? she was posted, not whipped or punished in any other way....then gagged when she complained...nothing that would leave a mark permanantly on the girl

desiree{Algernon}~~~ not wishing to speak for vika...for that is for her to do...but if the understanding is correct here...
she had no problem with being punished....but more concerned about why others seemed to go without reprimand for the same thing or even more "unpleasing" actions?

penny{Kyo}~~~ True, desiree... it just depends on who is in the room at the time, and how distracted they are.

destiny{GS}~~~ each Master it seems to destiny at least, likes things done a lil differently... or has different tolerance levels for different things... some like a slave that interacts, others don't...

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *laughing*...it isn't about the punishment...in this one's mind...it is more about the consistency....
we ALL should be expected to do the same...and if we do not..then...yes...we should all be punished....

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~ whispering softly~ ...exactly des

penny{Kyo}~~~ *nodding to galah*
And the gagging was for her own protection, lest she get into more trouble from insolent behavior.

galah{RA}~~~ its all a matter of knowing what we can get away with around whom....galah is learning very well who to joke with and who not tooo joke with.....and one day, she might well end up at the post for joking with the wrong person

penny{Kyo}~~~ *listening*
Consistency is important, but how does one get it, when some Masters could have a bomb blow up beside them and they stay quiet, while others notice everything? A lot has to do with the personality of the Free, and penny believes that correction is beneficial, and that we should see more of it occurring.

penny{Kyo}~~~ *grinning to galah*

penny has been posted for such a wide variety of offences, spanning the range of talking too much to not being lively enough... she was bound one day and made to greet all who entered and speak every five ehn, for she was having a bout of agoraphobia, and not wishing to interact.

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *laughing* @ penny and the bomb comment....

galah{RA}~~~ come on now girls....lets get real here....there is never going to be consistency with as many patrons that there are...some let you get away with murder and others don't....how fair is it for a new tavern slave to be whipped? she did nothing that required punishment but she is whipped anyway....and thats awhole lot worse than just being put to the post

penny{Kyo}~~~ *chuckling and wondering if the sissie slave notes still get posted publically*

penny{Kyo}~~~ *nodding to galah*
In some Gorean cities, it is common for slaves to be baptized, so to speak, with a whipping to welcome them to their new home to show them their place in the household... being posted is embarrassing, but not painful, unless made to stand on one's toes...

galah{RA}~~~ Master and galah, raising children felt that consistency was an important issue, if you tell a child they will be spanked if they touch the hot stove, then everytime the child touches the hot stove, they get spanked....we look at kids running rampant at the shopping centres and hear the parents telling the child to sit down or they will get smacked, but the child just keeps going on with what they want to do and the parent just goes back to what they was doing...if a parent can't be consistent with a child or children, how do you think your going to find it here with this large array of ppl?

penny{Kyo}~~~ The rules are there, for all to see... it is up to the free whether to enforce them. Slaves will make mistakes, and do... no one can make someone correct them if the free don't catch them misbehaving or slipping up. Fairness is just not a part of Gor. As slaves, all we can do is our best, so as to avoid the issue entirely.
*bright smile*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ the whipping of a new tavern slave though isn't for punishment.. it's more as a reminder to the girl that she is slave and will be punished if her Owner(s) deem fit to do so.. but yes.. it is a whole lot worse than being posted..
aye, penny.. the notes are still posted publicly.

desiree{Algernon}~~~ ahh galah....that is an excellent point....and if a slave knows that a particular action would result or could result in punishment sure would make most think twice...

galah{RA}~~~ perfect penny, couldn't have said it any better!!!!

penny{Kyo}~~~ So true, galah. penny can't tell you how many times she has ended up being the policing force, say, at the swimming pool, when parents are not following through on consequences for their children. It is a sad fact that people get lazy and don't follow through with appropriate consequences for misbehavior. Maybe the free of the tavern should go to a parenting seminar to learn examples of appropriate ways to interact with slaves? *grinning*

heavenscent{S}~~~ very good example galah...~*

galah{RA}~~~ yes desiree, exactly.....it was not a first offense with vika, she had been warned previously by the same FW...vika could easily have gotten away with it by anyone else in the tavern, but to make the same mistake in front of the same FW?

desiree{Algernon}~~~ i just think that we all should realize that we are accountable for our actions....
and we all should expect to be reprimanded....if we make mistakes...and we will make mistakes...for we are only human...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ excellently said penny.. the rules are there for all to see..

galah{RA}~~~ don't get galah wrong, she feels deeply for vika having to take the brunt of that....could of been any of us if the FW felt that a stand needed to be made...

heavenscent{S}~~~ thinking ~*punishment effects all of us in different ways...~* heaven can think of a few times ,sitting here crying r/t as she was shoved away, or kicked at for being displeasing...~* its growth,its learning,its healing to work hard to please...~* - ..... hard to see sisters be punished,but heaven imagines it is a learned lesson and wont happened ,ever again....~gentle gaze~

desiree{Algernon}~~~ but...we do grow from these mistakes..we DO become more aware...we Do become more pleasing because we are likely to not make that mistake again....

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~*purrring to des~* like minds...

galah{RA}~~~ if any of you was at the forum, then you would of seen that Mistress Larl came ever so close to being face stripped, now how different is that than vika being posted?

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~grins, listening, agreeing completely with her sisters~

desiree{Algernon}~~~ and in this one's humble opinion...thank goodness there are Free out there that care enough to correct..and to help one learn to be more pleasing

penny{Kyo}~~~ Agreed, it is never fun to see a friend being punished... pen cries r/t when she sees friends get punished. But it happens to us all, and we learn and grow. It is not productive to dwell on the punishment, but better to move on, learn, and be damned sure not to make the same mistake again! *wry grin*

heavenscent{S}~~~ because it wasn't done.......

shirin{MDK}~~~ no difference, Mistress Larl is still a woman under her robes and living in a Man's world

galah{RA}~~~ like been said before....serve as though your life depends on it, for it may well just hehehehehehehee hehheheheee

penny{Kyo}~~~ *chuckling*
Oooh, pen may not make the same mistake twice, but does she ever seem to find new ones to make each and every day!
*cheerful smile*

galah{RA}~~~ and vika wasn't really punished, she was only posted....not much difference in galah's eyes

heavenscent{S}~~~ *gigglin with penny~* heaven the same...inventing new naughy things to do,everyday...

penny{Kyo}~~~ *winking to heaven*
What would be the fun in life if it was the same every day? We have to find new mischief to make...

galah{RA}~~~ that's the whole point penny, we learn from our mistakes, but if we turn around and make the same error, are we pushing our limits to see if there is a reaction? the things galah has been posted and punished for, or even friendly reminded of by a Master or Mistress, she never forgets!!!!

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~chuckles at her sisters~*~
true galah, both were just told they did wrong by a Man and told to behave...or else...given a warning

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ no.. it wasn't much difference.. not my opinion anyway..
and that's a very good reminder galah.. to serve as if your life depends upon it.. *nodding*

penny{Kyo}~~~ So true, for all of us women, Free or slave, are here at the Master's whim, and any of us could be fed to a sleen in a heartbeat.

galah{RA}~~~ who here can remember the slave liteny? when you get angry about something a free person does or is doing, its good to quote that to yourself....its good to remember your place, and getting angry is not healthy for a slave

heavenscent{S}~~~ never getting comfortable ~* or lazy in your slavery,helps heaven....

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *smiling* that is very good advice galah...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ or if you get angry.. don't show it publicly.. get offline.. *helpful smiles*..

shirin{MDK}~~~ very good advice galah, when shirin says the slave liteny is does put her heart and belly at ease, at peace with her slavery

penny{Kyo}~~~ Very true... anger breeds insolence, which can get a slave killed, even if her original action wasn't severe. pen agrees with jasma and galah... take a deep breath, recite the litany, or the alphabet backward, if you need to for cooling off time... *grins*

The Message Board

galah{RA}~~~ seems that message board is getting to be a big problem....it causes more strife than good most of the time

penny{Kyo}~~~ That stupid message board gives penny acid indigestion... she can't believe that this is a community of so called adults when she reads the tripe posted there daily...

galah{RA}~~~ galah thinks we all feel that way penny, but it something we can't do nothing about, or can we? we need a message board for lots of business, but how can the garbage be done away with?

galah{RA}~~~ poor Master, he spends heaps of time taking messages off, its not an easy task the way that its set up by dates, not by order of posting

penny{Kyo}~~~ Good question, galah, for the board IS needed, just as you said. BUT, perhaps if the bullshit on it gets too ripe, it could be erased before comments grow to a mile long. This isn't a democracy, but somewhat of a dictatorship, and penny has no problem with seeing objectionable posts disappear with no explanation given.

galah{RA}~~~ the problem is, Master usually checks the messages before he sleeps and then by the time he wakes up and gets to his puter, the messages are already a mile long

destiny{GS}~~~ this one has one suggestion about the message board... if there is an objectional post under a name of someone that already calls GS home, how about finding out if that person wrote it... cause there's been some dastardly folk around parading as people we know of the Tavern...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ i know that it was suggested at one time to make the GS message board password protected like the DM board and the Poolie board, however at the same time, some good Gorean information may not be able to be posted if it would come from those not members..
The message board serves an excellent purpose.. not only conveying relevent stuff to GS itself, but also relevent questions..
Too bad there happen to be some out there that like to try to cause dissention within GS..

galah{RA}~~~ someone, and a girl won't say names, told galah that those of the dungeon back stab GS all the time....would it be them that are causing the problems on our board?

destiny{GS}~~~ isn't there a way to log ip addy's when someone posts?

penny{Kyo}~~~ galah, penny wouldn't want to venture a guess... she just knows that the posting under false names is rude and childish, and ignores it when it happens.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ anything else to speak about on the GS board issue?

penny{Kyo}~~~ There doesn't seem to be much else that can be done about the boards... other than rigorous policing by the Captain, which pen feels certain already happens.

penny{Kyo}~~~ It sounds pretty thoroughly covered, jas... lots of good issues have been discussed... pen has really missed sissie slave class... *smiles*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *smiling at pen*.. yes.. i believe so as well.. and i've missed you being here too pen..

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ i thank you all for attending slave class tonight and galah i thank you for getting the ball rolling and leading a great discussion tonight..

shirin{MDK}~~~ great class, tho shirin was a bit quiet, thanks mistress and galah and penny