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shirin{SholGar}, fina{HoV}, brenna{GS}, & kiki{GS}t

Slave Classes

fina{HoV}~~~ ~looks about, wondering where the rest of the sweet meat of GS could be~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ thank you for coming
do you have anything you'd like to discuss first, fina?

fina{HoV}~~~ she smiles at you words, pondering this for an ihn
not sure sis...the meetings are spontaneous and not planned?

shirin{SholGar}~~~ aye, fairly spontaneous, sis, this is our time to relax, talk as we need, work out issues and learn...if you have nothing shirin was going to start with positions, where we left off last hand

Some Training

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ok sis lets see, what position might Master put you in if He's angry and wishes to teach you your place

shirin{Property of SholGar}~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ aye true sis, but shirin was thinking about this one...
moves to knees and elbows, hands clasped over your head, bottom in the air, ready for either being beaten on the bottom or being taken from behind like an animal

He knelt me there. "Put your head down, to the floor," he said. "Clasp your hands, firmly, behind the back of your neck." "Yes, Master," I moaned. He was then behind me. He put his hands, under my arms, on my breasts, sweetly and firmly. Then he moved his bands back, caressing my flanks. My head was down. My fingers were together, behind the back of my neck. I was in his collar. It was steel, I could not remove it. I belonged to him. My body hurt, from his whip, that of my master. My head hurt, from my hair, where I had been conducted, unceremoniously, to this location. "Please, Master," I sobbed. "Not like this! Not you, please!" "The slave is pretty," he remarked. "Oh!" I cried. "Oh!" "You have a lovely ass," he said. "Ohhh!" I said. "You may thank me," he said.
Kajira of Gor p434

fina{HoV}~~~ ~smiles watching you~ that was going to be her next guess...promise...*winks*

shirin{Property of SholGar}~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ hehehehe, shirin wishes she could remember the books better, even tho she read it twice...think it was in Slave Girl, when she had the tavern Owner for a Master, He had a sleen and He only used this girl once, He seemed angry with the girl and she was very shaken and bruised from the slave rape

shirin{SholGar}~~~ are you up for doing your position kiki? ~smiles~ it has been two days and shirin thinks you should be healed well enough now ~nods~

kiki{GS}t~~~ *nodding to shirin* you wanted whipping position yes? or was it bonding? *confused*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~giggles~ oh shirin was to remember kiki? ~taps her brain a moment~...aye, whipping position, sis

kiki{GS}t~~~ *biting her lower lip and nodding* yes shirin whipping it is

kiki{GS}t~~~ *kneeling down careful not to open the fresh brand and ruin it but seeing her skin holds to it she drops her forehead to the ground raising her firm ass up in the air knees apart, she wraps her arms across her stomach and holds her sides. Long reddish brown hair up above her head as to not get in the way.*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~smiles and nods~*~ very good sis kiki, you have just knelt to the whip, hope a Master never tells you this command. you may break position.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ brenna, please leasha ~*~smiling to the pretty~*~

brenna{GS}~~~ hearing leasha asked of her, she smiles and nods* aye sis as you wish...

brenna{GS}~~~ *since she is already kneeling, she just turns her back so that it’s facing her sis as if she is the Master or Mistress. she then lifts her chin and turns it to the left as her shoulders roll back and she straightens her back. she smiles softly as her arms then come behind her and her wrists rest side by side against her lower back and there she remains*
girl hopes that she did it right and did what was asked of her. *soft smiles*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~grips brenna's wrists tight in her small hands as if bracelets were just snapped on~*~
aye, also very good sis brenna, beautiful form, you may break position ~*~lets go of her wrists, smiling~*~

brenna{GS}~~~ *jumping slightly, not knowing that her wrists were going to be gripped. she then smiles as she hears her sisters words and she moves her hands back to her thighs and faces forward once more as she feels the girl released her wrists*
thank you sis...*smiling at shirin*

kiki{GS}t~~~ *breaking position she stretches out her left leg testing the brand smiling at how it came out perfect still scorned but pretty non the less*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~notices kiki looking to her branded thigh, sliding her silks aside~*~ it's very beautiful sis, you will bring a good price someday

kiki{GS}t~~~ a price? Oh you mean when a Master or Mistress decides to take kiki for Themselves?

shirin{SholGar}~~~ aye kiki, They will have to buy you from the Captains and pay a price for you

shirin{SholGar}~~~ kiki, have you been given silks to wear?

kiki{GS}t~~~ no shirin, this girl only has a rope that Master Emerald Forest tied around her. kiki will be tested for yellow silks soon

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~nods to kiki~*~ guess They like you naked and without white silks, sis, hehehehe

shirin{SholGar}~~~ What is ahn, ehn and ihn?

brenna{GS}~~~ ihn = gorean second, ehn= gorean minute and ahn= gorean hour *smiling*

kiki{GS}t~~~ ihn seconds, ehn; minutes, ahn; hours

shirin{SholGar}~~~ what is a hydria? ~shirin learns something new too on this one~

brenna{GS}~~~ *biting her lower lip as the question is asked of her. she looks up at the ceiling as she thinks, stilling nibbling on her bottom lip*
sis, this girl doesn’t know...sorry. *softly speaking*

kiki{GS}t~~~ a high handel water vessel, kinda like what we use for dipping hot paga

shirin{Property of SholGar}~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ exactly sis kiki, one shirin didn't know
hydria (noun): described as a high handled water vessel, something similar is used by slave girls to dip paga from simmering kettles

brenna{GS}~~~ *grinning over at kiki as she answers it*
guess this girl is a typical girl, knows landmarks but not road names. *chuckles softly thinking that she knows the vessel but not the name*

kiki{GS}t~~~ kiki still has problems distinguishing positions, not a good thing at all *shaking her head softly from side to side*

brenna{GS}~~~ aye this girl can understand that kiki. *smiling at the beauty* but with practice, you’ll get better. this girl still has to rack her brain from time to time on which position is what. *smiling*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ good kiki …what is a ta~teera?

kiki{GS}t~~~ ta-teera is a slave rag clipped by two clips on the side, good for painting doors *giggling softly*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~giggles at kiki~*~ aye, an old one sis

ta-teera (noun): a one-piece sleeveless short slave garment, torn here and there; also called a slave rag

shirin{SholGar}~~~ what is mead?

brenna{GS}~~~ fermented honey drinks and is a thick golden sweet brew. *grinning*

kiki{GS}t~~~ ohh mead is a honey wine, kiki made some herself in rt... reallly reeeeallly sweet thick and makes you tipsy FAST!

shirin{SholGar}~~~ very good sisters
Mead (noun): made with fermented honey, water, spices - favored over hot paga in the north