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This page is dedicated to the slave discussions/classes that are held once a week, in hopes of increasing our Gorean knowledge. i would like to extend a huge thanks to galah{RA} for leading us in past discussions while she held the reigns of first girl, i only hope i can do half the job that she did. i would also like to thank all the others that take the time to stop by and join in on the discussion.

Discussions are currently being held on Wednesday evenings from 8-10pm EST at Poolside Chat , in the room "slave pen". All GS slaves are expected to come if possible, all that call GS home are encouraged to come, and other slaves that wish to come may join in as well. If you are unable to attend and do have a topic that you'd like to see covered.. please either email the first girl, jasma{LB}GSFG, the gskajira addy or you can post your topic(s) on the GS Message Board or on the Slave Board and we will work the question(s) into the discussions. Hope to see you there.

The first few links listed on here are to the new GS homepage, and the new slave manual.. a girl thought it would be helpful to have them placed here as well, for all of us to remember that this is where our information comes from in helping to serve GS better.. The next two links that are placed are to the archives of past slave discussions and to the GS library page.

GS homepage
GS slave manual
GS slave archive pages

Topics of Discussions

click on the dates to take you to the appropriate page

kajirae/kajirus names
A list of kajirae/kajirus: GS owned, personally owned that call GS home, and those that visit (not updated)

January 29, 2003
Finding the fire to serve
The Message Board

February 19, 2003
Getting back on track
Relearning the protocols
The desire to learn
Keeping a notebook

February 26, 2003
Becoming a Trainer
Jealousies with girls on a chain
On Protocol
Training exercises/serves/chores
About the slave meetings
Slave Wine
Tavern Tattler/Email Addy Page

March 5, 2003
The books of Gor
Appropriate Age to begin reading the Gor books
Tips on Learning

March 12, 2003
Testing 1...2...3

March 19, 2003
New Slave Master

November 5, 2003
Slave Classes
Some Training